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Life Style And Male Infertility

A couple of your everyday lifestyle choices have an impact on your fertility levels:

  • Drug abuse has a major impact on your fertility. Smoking marijuana or cocaine consumption can temporarily reduce your sperm quality and numbers
  • Steroids for muscle growth and strength taken usually by bodybuilders and some fitness enthusiasts affects the testicles which causes shrinking and affects sperm production
  • Excessive alcohol consumption causes liver damage which leads to fertility problems
  • Additionally regular alcohol also reduces testosterone levels which causes erectile dysfunction and decreased sperm count
  • Smoking cigarettes and tobacco use affects male fertility and lowers sperm production
  • Constant emotional stress and anxiety interferes with hormonal balance which affects sperm production
  • Obesity can also affect male fertility through direct impact or hormonal changes
  • Wearing tight clothes, constantly sitting for long periods with laptops and mobiles etc. affects sperm count as high scrotal temperatures impair sperm production
  • Psychological or relationship issues that interfere with intercourse

If you have been trying for pregnancy and haven’t been successful repeatedly, it is best to consult an expert. After semen analysis, they understand the root cause of your problem. Depending on what the problem is certain treatments can increase the health and count of sperms after which the couple can have a bay naturally. In other cases, if there is no treatment that can improve the sperm count, specialists recommend ART. ART is assisted reproductive technologies where despite low sperm count, the couple can have a successful pregnancy. Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)  is one such method that can help a couple have a baby by directly making the sperm penetrate the egg even if counts are extremely low.