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Does Alcohol Affect Fertility?

A frequently debated topic, does alcohol consumption have an effect on male and female fertility? We’ve listed out what studies conducted have deduced:

  • If a couple is trying to conceive, it is best that they avoid alcohol consumption to increases their chances.
  • On an average, women who consumed less than 5 drinks a week had a higher rate, about 9% more chances of conceiving that women who drank more than 5.
  • Men who had issues with sperm count or health were associated with high levels of alcohol consumption.
  • Many women who could not get pregnant naturally were also found to consume more alcohol.
  • Alcohol consumption around ovulation reduces chances of conception.
  • Drinking while pregnant increases the risk of miscarriages, stillbirth, fetal anomalies and a host of other pregnancy issues.
  • Reduces libido
  • Increases chances of impotency

So, bottom line is that alcohol consumption definitely has a negative impact on not just your health but sex life and fertility as well in both men and women.